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Hi, I’m Betty

My passion is to help people become better humans and I am convinced innovative technology has a HUGE role in making that happen. 

I am a learning professional specializing in XR strategy, production, and implementation, L&D innovation, and leadership and management training.

I am a strategic thinker and business partner, analytical problem solver, dynamic facilitator, well-known podcaster, and proven decision maker.

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Fun, impromptu and informative chat with @ifyouaskbetty this afternoon. It’s convos like that where you end wondering where the time went so fast! 🙂  2:12pm 11/13/19

Mark Britz


I’m so grateful that @ifyouaskbetty took the time out to chat with me and give me pointers on creating my first ever training plan from a needs assessment. Her awesomeness abounds. #instructionaldesign #elearning 6:58pm 1/3/20



Just had a fantastic call with @ifyouaskbetty. She’s brilliant and funny. Talking through a business challenge with her really makes it seem like it’s not a challenge at all! Thanks Betty, for the ideas for my 2020 direction!  9:54am 12/6/19

Jac Hutchinson


Make your session pop! Make your training augmented! Make your elearning engaging! Also random trivia, which everyone loves! *ifyouaskbetty* kills it. I’m a fan. #instructionaldesign #augmentedreality #detroitloveschips

Daniel Powers

Instructional Designer at OSU

You ask, Betty answers! I was lucky enough to get to have a very entertaining and enlightening call with Betty Dannewitz last week. She has some amazing energy and mind-blowing insight into any issues you might be facing. And ours wasn’t even meant to be a coaching call! We just missed connecting at #devlearn and wanted to correct that. Somehow she ended up dropping some knowledge bombs on me. I think that is just her M. O. Follow her and take advantage of this awesome service she’s providing!  #ifyouaskbetty #askbettythursdays

Josh Risser

Commercial Voice Over Talent

Attending @ifyouaskbetty session is a must! #ar 7:16pm 11/19/19

Debbie Richards


legal mumbo jumbo

straight from my massive legal team

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