Below is the equipment that I recommend for podcasters!

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Shure MV7 USB Microphone with Tripod

Shure SRH440A Over-Ear Wired Headphones

Aenllosi Hard Carrying Case Compatible with Shure SM7B/MV7

Shure by Gator Deluxe Articulating Desktop Podcasting Mic Boom Arm




Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti X USB Microphone 

LTGEM Hard Case for Blue Yeti/Yeti Pro/Yeti X USB Microphone – Travel Protective Carrying Case Bag 

Foam Windscreen for Blue Yeti Microphone 




DJI Mic (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), Wireless Lavalier Microphone 




Carry On Luggage, 18” Suitcase