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Bianca Woods, The Learning Guild

Bryan Smith, Casey’s

Kristin Torrence, Talespin

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What are the advantages or benefits of presenting at a conference? How do you decide which conferences you want to speak at? Would you recommend tag-teaming (co-presenting) or presenting solo?

How do you choose a topic? How did you overcome self-doubt and gain confidence?

What’s the process like to apply to speak at a conference? Have you ever been turned down from a conference? Would you apply to multiple conferences with the same topic?

Do you prefer to speak at a conference online or in-person? Do I have to turn in my presentation early? If anyone is on the fence, what is your gut reaction to tell them?

What do you wish you knew as a first-time conference presenter? What gadgets do you make sure you have when you present? Any fails that you care to share?

What do you do to prepare for your session? Would you recommend recording your practice? Do you have a particular presentation style?

What do you recommend for interactivity in a session? What are some good logistical questions about in-person and online group work?? What’s your take on group collaboration tools like Mural or Miro, etc.?

When you plan to present at multiple conferences, do you create a niche for yourself? What about the conference experience made you want to return and present again? Do you apply as a representative of your organization?

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