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Mike Simmons

“Awesome coaching discussion with @ifyouaskbetty – great feedback on content format, organization, positioning, and simplifying the message. For some reason, I get a bit technical/formal. I’m ready to let it go and relax. Thanks Betty!”


I’m so grateful that @ifyouaskbetty took the time out to chat with me and give me pointers on creating my first ever training plan from a needs assessment. Her awesomeness abounds. #instructionaldesign #elearning 6:58pm 1/3/20

Jac Hutchinson

Just had a fantastic call with @ifyouaskbetty. She’s brilliant and funny. Talking through a business challenge with her really makes it seem like it’s not a challenge at all! Thanks Betty, for the ideas for my 2020 direction!  9:54am 12/6/19

Daniel Powers

Make your session pop! Make your training augmented! Make your elearning engaging! Also random trivia, which everyone loves! *ifyouaskbetty* kills it. I’m a fan. #instructionaldesign #augmentedreality #detroitloveschips

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Habit Seven – Sharpen the Saw

Habit Seven – Sharpen the Saw

Click for Franklin Covey's Sharpen the Saw This habit is always a struggle for me. The habit of renewal - which means you have to slow your roll and be intentional. How about you? What part of habit seven is the most difficult? This habit is all about taking care of...

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ask betty – get that job!

ask betty – get that job!

HEY HEY! Thanks for the question. ​First - KUDOS to you that you know what your dream job looks like. Hold on to that! And believe in your heart that you can totally have that job! Now, for the approach to acquaintances you know...

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ask betty – i wanna start a podcast

ask betty – i wanna start a podcast

Getting started in podcasting is a great idea!! Podcasting is a great way to communicate content to folks - whether you are explaining a process or interviewing someone to get their take on a topic. And podcasts are very popular! I felt the same way you do before I...

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