HEY HEY! Thanks for the question. ​First – KUDOS to you that you know what your dream job looks like. Hold on to that! And believe in your heart that you can totally have that job! Now, for the approach to acquaintances you know – it’s time to tap into that network! STEP 1: Search your LinkedIn connections for folks that work for your dream job organization. Once you locate them, recall if you have actually spoken to them before. If you have not, put them to the bottom of the list. Start with the folks you are connected to that you actually remember speaking to previously. STEP 2: Send them a message on LinkedIn, or an email. WAIT! DON’T STOP READING! You can do this! It might feel a bit scary or feel funny, but a nicely worded message can go a long way. Maybe something like this: “Hi there! How are you? Hope you and your family are doing well! I noticed there are some new and interesting openings at [org name]. Would you have a few minutes to catch up and chat about how you like working for [org name]?” STEP 3:  When they respond, be ready to set up time to chat with them. Have a few questions prepared so that you can keep the conversation moving. Maybe something like this: “Hi! Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat. Wow, I don’t think we have connected since [insert last time you connected]. How are you? How have things been going? Tell me about [org name}. How do you like working there?” The conversation will naturally move towards the job you have interest in. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they know about the job and what their suggestions would be for you, given your interest. STEP 4: Thank them. Let them know you appreciate their time and perspective and that you plan on applying soon! Why should you do this? Why is this a good idea? By having this conversation, you will get the information you need in order to apply in the most effective way. The person you chat with will get the chance to share their experiences and insight with a potential new employee. And the connection and relationship that you have with that person will grow. It’s a win/win/win. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Get started. Send that message. You will be so glad you took that step. Hope that helps! ​ Oh! and let me know how it goes!