I can SOO relate to this question! Meal planning and grocery budgets were hard for me BEFORE we all went into quarantine. The struggle is real!

My suggestion to you is simple – call out for help! Whether you are just not able to figure out the best way to meal plan for your family, or if you just feel too overwhelmed to focus on it right now – ask for help. Do you know someone who is especially good at meal planning? Or someone who never goes over their grocery budget? Start with your direct resources and send them a HELP ME plea!

Don’t know anyone who fits those descriptions?  Don’t despair!! I have a great resource for you!

My friend Alesha Berning is an organization consultant. What a job right? I need her and her fabulous services in 👏🏻my 👏🏻 life. She consults on how to organize your stuff, your family’s everyday life and yes even meals! She recently wrote a book titled, “Calm the Fork Down – Taking the Chaos out of Meal Planning“.

Uh…YES PLEASE! You can visit her site to pre-order this book and get ready to get your meal planning self together!  https://www.chaostocalm.club

Hope that helps!