Getting started in podcasting is a great idea!! Podcasting is a great way to communicate content to folks – whether you are explaining a process or interviewing someone to get their take on a topic. And podcasts are very popular!

I felt the same way you do before I got started. I would go online to search for “how to start a podcast” and there was an overwhelming amount of information – I just wanted someone to tell me what to do. Here are my suggestions for you-

Seek out and listen to podcasts to get a feel for what you want to talk about on yours. Podcasting comes in many different formats and you may find you are drawn to one more than another. You may also find that you want to create your own blend – which is great!

Find someone you know that does a podcast and schedule 30 minutes to interview them on how they got started. If someone has a podcast, there is a pretty good chance they want to talk about it – so don’t be afraid to ask for that meeting. Ask great questions, listen well and take notes.

You could also sign up for a course that walks you through the steps you need to take to get started with a podcast. There are dozens available at all different price points so you want to use that interview with the podcaster to help you assess what else you really need to know. I would shamelessly recommend the Training Live and Online Podcasting for Trainers Certificate – Design to Delivery that starts in August to give you the detailed info you need and the time and space to actually create and launch your first episode.

Whatever you decide, remember you are building your skill set just by going through the discover phase of podcasts!  Enjoy the learning experience of it!

Hope that helps!