i have questions about imposter syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome, anyway?

Imposter Syndrome is a thing. It is a pernicious psychological phenomenon. When you have IS, you feel inadequate, like a fraud, undeserving of your position – like you don’t belong in a job or position or a role that you are already in.

Imposter syndrome manifests itself in incessant worry that you will be found out – that someone will suddenly realize that you are not as intelligent, qualified, or even cool as they think you are.

The “I have questions about imposter syndrome” Project

This project is not about researching imposter syndrome or even about telling you how to cure your imposter syndrome.
This project is real life testimonials- people from all over the world with different backgrounds and occupations – all who have experienced this same phenomenon.

This project is not about solving the problem of imposter syndrome – it’s about bringing to you an awareness that you are not alone. It’s about showing all of us that there is hope to cope.

imposter syndrome youtube playlist

hear it from others that have experienced this phenomenon

imposter syndrome individual videos

hearing it from others can be therapeutic!

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