This habit is always a struggle for me. The habit of renewal – which means you have to slow your roll and be intentional.

How about you? What part of habit seven is the most difficult?

This habit is all about taking care of YOU!

​If you don’t stop and take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anything or anyone else.

Care for yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and socially/emotionally.

Physically – This is about renewal, not personal records. Focus on:
– good nutrition to fuel your body
– activity and exercise to keep your body healthy and feeling well
– quality sleep and rest from work and play
– managing stress is the way that works for you

Mentally – This is about keeping the mind sharp by reading, writing, learning and teaching others. You must act intentionally in order to sharpen your saw mentally.

Spiritually – This is not really about religion, though worship practice is a part of spiritual renewal, but rather it is about your values, where you serve the community around you, consuming inspirational literature and meditating.

Socially/Emotionally – This is all about consistent deposits into your emotional bank account. We are social and communal creatures. Community is a basic need for all of us. You will fill others buckets in this area often, but you need someone to fill your bucket also. Find those friendships and communities that you can contribute to but that also fill you.