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Mike Simmons

“Awesome coaching discussion with @ifyouaskbetty – great feedback on content format, organization, positioning, and simplifying the message. For some reason, I get a bit technical/formal. I’m ready to let it go and relax. Thanks Betty!”


I’m so grateful that @ifyouaskbetty took the time out to chat with me and give me pointers on creating my first ever training plan from a needs assessment. Her awesomeness abounds. #instructionaldesign #elearning 6:58pm 1/3/20

Jac Hutchinson

Just had a fantastic call with @ifyouaskbetty. She’s brilliant and funny. Talking through a business challenge with her really makes it seem like it’s not a challenge at all! Thanks Betty, for the ideas for my 2020 direction!  9:54am 12/6/19

Daniel Powers

Make your session pop! Make your training augmented! Make your elearning engaging! Also random trivia, which everyone loves! *ifyouaskbetty* kills it. I’m a fan. #instructionaldesign #augmentedreality #detroitloveschips

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ask betty – anything but COVID

ask betty – anything but COVID

Friend, I am right there with you!  Desperately seeking some good content that has nothing to do with COVID.  Let's talk about YOU!  This is a great time to evaluate what you are doing to improve your SELF.  You have time (that you didn’t before)...

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ask betty – meal planning

ask betty – meal planning

I can SOO relate to this question! Meal planning and grocery budgets were hard for me BEFORE we all went into quarantine. The struggle is real! My suggestion to you is simple - call out for help! Whether you are just not able to figure out the best way to meal plan...

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ask betty – bad dreams

ask betty – bad dreams

Hey Hey! It's Ask Betty Thursday! Thanks for the question! This one hit me in the feels - I have been having intense, kinda bad dreams lately too!! Response is in video form this week (see comments)! ​Plus! a bonus link about interpreting dreams: ...

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