hi, I’m Betty

My passion is to help people become better humans and I am convinced innovative technology has an HUGE role in making that happen.  I believe in a healthy workplace that is both inclusive and diverse, and that WE are the ones that make that happen. Personally – this is my story:   I love people.  I live my life loving people – all kinds of people.  I seek out opportunities to hear their story and understand their perspective.  Doing this improves my perspective and makes me a better human.  Then I get to help them become better humans.  My personal life bleeds right into my professional life – making this website a fusion of. . . me. Professionally – this is my story:  Seasoned learning professional specialized in multimedia, augmented reality strategy, production, and implementation, L&D strategy, podcasting and leadership and management training. Proven ability for strategic thinking and the development and implementation of programs to drive corporate initiatives, expand employee knowledge, increase engagement, effect change and produce profitable results. Strategic business partner establishing and maintaining business relationships with internal and external partners and vendors.  Analytical problem solver and exceptional decision maker.  Emotional Intelligence, DiSC and Crucial Conversations certified instructor and coach. 

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