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casting call!

Hey Hey!  I am looking for some folks to come on my podcast and have a chat about development topics aimed at learning professionals. 

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what are we chatting about?

I’m glad you asked!  I am looking to chat about things like:

  • Click Next:  Is elearning dead or just overused?  How do we change the stigma behind elearning to increase its effectiveness?
  • The Art of Saying No:  Understanding why we need to say no in order to make room for things we want to say yes to.  Some people are really good at that – and then there is the rest of us.  
  • Emotional Intelligence:  The four areas, how they intersect and why we should be practicing them daily.  
  • Procrastination:  I will write this description later…I guess.  
  • Fun at Work:  Should we strive to have fun at work?  Should we add it as an objective every year?  
  • L&D’s Role in Employee Engagement:  Do we have one?  How can we fully define it?  How do we gain buy in on what we feel our role really is?
  • Core Values:  What they are, why they are important, how often you should revisit them, and what happens when your actions are out of line with your core values. 
  • Your Passion and Your Work:  How to align your passion with your work and do you even really have to do that in order to be fulfilled.
  • Grief in the Workplace:  How to engage with coworkers or participants that are grieving.  
  • Change Management and the Role of L&D:  What is our role in Change Management?  How can we manage change upwards?
  • People Follow People:  Discuss the psychology of why people love avatars and characters.  Discuss the Bitmoji Explosion:  What does this worldwide adoption of personalized characters mean for the learning industry?  How can we use them effectively and efficiently in learning?

and more!  If you have an idea for a podcast – click the button and let me know!

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