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Virtual Reality (VR) is within reach when you develop in CenarioVR. As an authorized learning partner with eLearning Brothers, ifyouaskbetty provides everything you need to create awesome 360 image VR experiences.
Contact Betty to schedule your CenarioVR session. 

My First AR

​Augmented Reality (AR) is an amazing technology that brings L&D content to learners’ mobile devices. This self-paced learning experience will teach you basics about AR and how to create your very first experience – and interactive business card!
The self-paced course available through eLearning Launch.

AR Stage One

​Ready to bring Augmented Reality to your learners?  This live cohort experience will show you how to create FOUR AR prototypes and build a business case to take back to your organization and WOW them!  
All cohort classes available through eLearning Launch.

Advanced AR

Ready to level up your skills and bring advanced Augmented Reality experiences to your learners? This live cohort will show you how to create FOUR advanced augmented reality learning experiences using Zappar Studio software.
All cohort classes available through eLearning Launch

Podcasting for Trainers Certificate:
Design to Delivery

Podcasting has become an accepted and effective way to provide and consume self-paced, personalized training and development content, largely because its efficient and portable content fits easily into our busy lives. This certificate offers concrete approaches for bringing each of the elements of great audio and video podcasts together. You will learn to design, develop, and publish your very own podcast on any budget (even zero).
Cohort classes available through Training Magazine’s Training Live & Online

​​high performance coaching

FREE initial consult
Individual and package pricing available

Professional Development Coaching

Individual, personal coaching to become your best self and contribute your greatest value.

Facilitation & Presentation Skills Coaching

Immediate, live coaching on facilitation or presentation style and techniques.

content & curricula consulting

FREE initial consult
​Custom pricing available

Free Standing Content Review

Free standing content review with live immediate feedback and improvement suggestions.  

Full Curricula Review

Full curricula (multiple content modules) review with live immediate feedback and improvement suggestions for both overall flow and individual content modules.