So there’s a few things that I’ve learned about personal brand through the years.

First, it should be genuine and authentic.  Brand is really what you’re known for and how people recognize you.  Your brand already exists.  Take a look at who you are and what you are known for right now.  Your brand consists of the type of work that you do,  how you treat people, and could also include style and even catch phrases.  For example, if you’re quick to be someone who says a certain phrase all the time – maybe something like “no biggie” or “it’s all good” or “you’re not wrong”- those are part of your personal brand.

Something else I learned about brand is that visibility is very important. If people can’t see your brand, they won’t know that it is your brand and they wont know that it is YOU. If it isn’t visible, it doesn’t really make an impact.  Making your brand visible happens in person, on the phone, through text and in social media.  Do not shy away from making your brand visible to others.  The more they see of you, the more they will remember you.

Also, you’ve got to be consistent. Once you establish a cadence with your brand, you have to keep going in that same direction. If you don’t, people lose interest. When they are interacting with you, they are watching for those brand markers – those pieces that make up who you are and how you are recognized. 

Authenticity.  Visibility.  Consistency. 

Remember this:  When you live out your personal brand, it’s not about marketing or selling yourself. It’s about making yourself recognizable. And by being recognizable, you’re accessible, making a way for people to tap into you and in turn a way for you to tap into them.