You might not know this but I am a runner.  I run.  On purpose.  Usually 3 times a week.  I run because for the first time in life, I can. 

Recently, I was philosophizing with my Aunt BJ, and as we were working hard to solve all the world’s problems and mine while we were at it, she said to me..what are you running from?  It’s a good question.  One I have pondered long before she dared to ask.  I know the answer.


I am not running from anything.  I am running toward something.  Fame?  Glory?  Nah.  Faster times?  More medals?  Nope.  Not at all.  Healthy body?  Smaller frame?  It’s a bonus, but not my goal – not what I am running towards.

I am running towards the future – the hope that I have for what will come to be.  Every mile gets me closer.  Every moment brings me nearer.  Every time I conquer another barrier – another something that I thought I could never do – I get just a little closer to being me. My best self.  Running reminds me that I can.  I can do “that”.  Whatever “that” is.  The thing that I used to limit myself with..I can overcome. 

I am running towards confidence.  The confidence that I am enough. Whatever my speed.  Whatever my route.  Whatever my destination, I am enough just as I am.   I run from nothing and no one. 

I am me.  I am enough.