I live my life loving people.  I believe that we only have one life and we are not guaranteed on how long it will last. 

With that in mind, I believe with my whole heart that you should love people the way you really love them.  In other words, love the people that you love on purpose. With intention.  Don’t let moments and time pass you by without letting them know how much you care. 

This doesn’t mean you have to fawn all over them.  But be intentional when you are with them.  Look at them when they speak – not at your phone.  Make eye contact.  Laugh together.  Sit next to them and do life together.  Make sure they know that they are special to you. 

Even those you are not close too..that have made an impact on your life and you can see it.  Make sure they know.  Tell them.  Right them a note.  Be bold. 

Be willing to be thought crazy or a stalker.  Because If you do, you will be remembered as someone who loved people. Someone who cared.  Someone who gave a damn.   Someone who brought out the best in people.  Someone who made a difference by being bold enough to show love directly and without apology.  Someone who was like Jesus.