It’s gonna be hard – this Christian life.

We are gonna have days where it feels effortless. We instinctively do what’s right and treat others kindly. Those days are good and welcomed.

Then there will be days where we are not motivated to do any more than what it takes to survive. Descending into a valley by the trail of apathy. Sometimes these days last for months or even years. They are not uncomfortable, they just – are.

And the real valleys – those are dark, desperate, pits. Lonely days and nights when what we believed so strongly and held to so steadfast somehow seems cloudy and uneven. Where doing right seems lame and doing wrong seems right. Where we know what we should do but we just don’t do it. Where we call out to God only to hear nothing, and the silence is deafening.

The only way out of the valley – is through the valley. We need the bad days to recognize and appreciate the good days.

Keep going.

Keep reminding yourself that better days are coming. Believe that you will find the light again.
Do the next right thing.

That’s living by faith. Not being able to see past the next step, but still moving forward anyway.

It’s gonna be hard – this Christian life. Things worth pursuing always are.